Promoting a Blog: Amazing Ways To Promote Your Blog And Make It Grow

Promoting a Blog: Amazing Ways To Promote Your Blog And Make It Grow

Promoting a Blog: Amazing Ways To Promote Your Blog And Make It Grow

Promoting a Blog: After you have set up your blog and have published great content, your work does not stop there. In fact, the real work starts from that point, you can control things that are in your hand but what about things for which you are dependent on others (getting readers to visit your blog)? This blog post intends to provide all the bloggers with the right launch pad in order to let their blogs take off to the heights of success they deserve.

The first thing that I see many newbie bloggers doing is spending too much time on their own blog

As a newbie blogger, it is very important that the amount of time one spends on their own blog is kept to a minimum. Every new blogger must try to spend his time on other blogs in his niche and build a relationship with other bloggers.

If you browse through the archives of any high profile blogger in your niche, you would find that his initial posts were link posts i.e. posts in which he linked to other blogs in his niche. As a newbie blogger, it is important that every second post that you write is a link post. In addition, it is important that you notify the blogger that you have provided a link to his blog post. This is just one part of promoting your blog — getting fellow bloggers to notice the blog and getting them to link to your blog.

The next point is how to get the readers to your brand new blog
There are some ways below to promoting a blog:
Promoting a Blog on Social Sites
Blog readers are very hard to find, especially new bloggers. As a newbie blogger, you have to wait for a long time before search engines index your blog and you start receiving organic traffic. Social sites are a boon in this case. These sites bring instant traffic to your blog. Broadcasting sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. help internet marketers and bloggers to promote their sites. In fact, social bookmarking sites can help you get your blog indexed faster by search engines.

Some new bloggers also search for how to promote a blog post on Facebook. it is very simple just share your post or article link to your Facebook page, profile or group.

Sales Pitch: Improve Your Blog By Writing Great Sales Pitch
Promoting a Blog by writing a guest post
Writing a guest post on other blogs is also one of the great ways to get backlinks and traffic to your blog. It is very difficult to convince top bloggers to publish your post on their blog. However, if successful you can expect a temporary increase in traffic on your blog. One must handle the traffic effectively in order to increase the number of subscribers and regular readers of your blog.

BackLinks: How To Get Backlinks For Your Blog?
Forum Submission
Forums can also be a great source of traffic for blogs. Every blogger must try to be an active member of at least two top forums in their niche. As an active member, you can get ideas for new blog posts and keep up with the latest happenings in your niche as well as get traffic to your blog(promoting a blog).
Commenting is one of the great ways to get others to notice your blog. The reciprocation rate is also very healthy; almost 50% of the bloggers visit your blog and leave a reply on your blog after you have left a comment on their blog.
Submit your articles to article directories
You can write a summary of your new post and submit it to article directories; this is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your blog as well as promoting a blog.

Blogging Tips: How To Increase The Revisits To Your Blog?
Podcasting and posting Videos to promoting a blog
Podcasting and posting videos to a website like YouTube can also bring in a lot of traffic to a blog.
Many blogs are much better than some well-established blogs but lack traffic. I am sure if they get a million new visitors on their blog, at least 50% of them will subscribe to the RSS feed. Lack of traffic is one of the great concerns but no one can suggest a full proof solution to it.

There are many ways to build traffic to your blog apart from the ones discussed here. Please share the methods not discussed here by leaving your valuable comments.




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Hba digitech Great Learning Plateform where you can learn Many tips & Tricks, Blogs Related to health,digital marketing,youtube and other sources.

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